Awaiting Publication


Coming Spring 2022 from Not a Pipe Publishing.
Co-written with Jessi Honard.

Genre: Fantasy (Contemporary)
Reader Age: Adult

Awards: Finalist, Book Pipeline Unpublished 2020 Contest, Science-Fiction/Fantasy Category

Unrelenting effortlessly blends supernatural fantasy and thriller into one cohesive, wholly accessible story—one that expertly subverts the story and character tropes of those genres, yet takes full advantage of the structural commonalities that readers love about them.”


Bridget’s sister is missing, and everyone has given up hope.

Everyone except Bridget.

Determined to take matters into her own hands, she begins a desperate search for answers among the misty streets of Cleveland.

What she finds points to something far more ominous than a missing person’s case. Bridget is caught up in a dangerous world of ancient magic and sinister secrets, hidden in plain sight.

To find her sister, Bridget must team up with an unlikely companion and forge an uneasy truce with supernatural beings, before it’s too late.

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Stories I’m Writing


Genre: Fantasy (Secondary World)
Reader Age: Adult

Awards: Finalist, 2021 Futurescapes Award for Most Promising New Writer

Riff is a disgraced, low-class thief.

He believes he can gain the wealth and privilege he deserves if he can weasel his way back into the elite, upper-class thieves guild he belonged to as a youth. When he’s offered a rare, lucrative job to steal an artifact and re-enter the guild, there’s no question he’ll take it. But as his crewmates grow skittish, and several of his usuals refuse to join the operation, Riff wonders what they know that he doesn’t.

As his crew prepares, they face sabotage and betrayal, realizing the job is a trap. The only way out is forward, because the artifact is their sole bargaining chip for their lives. Riff must discover how far he’s willing to go to improve his own station and confront his personal ambitions. This job has the potential to fulfill all his dreams… or get him executed without so much as a trial.

Stories I’m Revising

The Gates of Dumal

Genre: Fantasy (Secondary World)
Reader Age: Adult

As magic evaporates, all that stands between life and total annihilation is the Walkers. Only the Walkers are being systematically destroyed.

Aiden Walker’s research suggests the long-lost Gates of Dumal have the power to restore the Balance, but he doesn’t know where they are. Even worse, the only companions who can assist him are being drawn into war by the destructive machinations of the king.

Aiden must confront his very self-identity and the most painful aspects of his past as he assembles a rag-tag party to find the mythic Gates. And he must succeed before his nation — and maybe the entire world — is destroyed.


Genre: Fantasy (Contemporary)
Reader Age: Middle Grade

What began as Gabe’s ordinary trip to the Renaissance Festival becomes something else entirely.

Venturing through the grounds, farther from his mother and sister, he discovers a strange archway.

It transports him to an alternate version of the festival… this one with real knights, dragons, and danger.

Gabe must navigate this strange parallel world — and his own self-doubt — to conquer his fears and return to his family.

Stories I’m Drafting


Genre: Science-Fiction / Horror
Reader Age: Adult

Today was the last day Helene would ever feel sad.

And strangely, the thought filled her with… sadness.

Fortunately, society has perfected the science of Erratic Mental State (EMS) Removal, so that people may thrive unencumbered by the plague that is the full spectrum of emotions.

At first, Helene’s Removal goes well. With her depression cast aside, she is set up for the success she has sought for so long.

But as the weeks stretch on, cracks begin to form in her behavior. And then the Removers take notice.